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Deep Sea Gelatin Cups

Author Larisha Campbell


  • Swedish Fish
  • 3 boxes of gelatin dark blue, light blue, and white
  • crushed graham crackers

To make dye free gelatin

  • Box of gelatine
  • natural food dye


  1. Make gelatin according to the box.
  2. Once hardened, place a thin layer of crushed graham crackers on the bottom of each cup.
  3. Add a layer of dark blue gelatin.
  4. Top with Swedish fish.
  5. Add a layer of light blue gelatin.
  6. Top with more Swedish fish.
  7. Add a layer of white gelatin.
  8. Top with more Swedish Fish.
  9. Repeat with ingredients into each of the remaining cups.

To Make Dye Free

  1. Follow directions above, but adding the natural food dye into the gelatin.